Cubase AI EQ - pros and cons


I’m wondering.
There is a four band parametric EQ included into the Cubase AI5 SW, but if I watch some Tutorial videos, nobody is using it :unamused:

IMO this EQ is not that worse. I can manage it with the CC121, still strugeling with the wrong allocation of the knobs, and get some useful results.
And…it is CPU friendly :exclamation:

Can somebody of the heavy users of sonnax and fabfilter and other third party VST EQ’s tell me, what’s the benefit of buying another parametric EQ for a lot of money instead of using the build-in one :question:

What are the pros and cons of the Cubase AI5 parametric EQ section :question:


Good question, I’d like to know too. I think there would be advantages to being able to drop a plug-in EQ before or after a compressor, different sound options. I’m not sure where the built-in Cubase EQ comes in the signal chain, assume it’s before any inserts, or if you can change it’s position for better sounds in some tracks.

As for the quality, the Cubase EQ seems pretty good to me, but some plug-ins might offer more.


Well, thanks for your reply.

Actionally it is not clear for me, on that position of the sound chain the EQ is located.
Could it be between the Inserts and the sends?
If yes, the need of “insert”-EQ’s is very well understandable.

Do you know, how the sound chain is working? Probably in the “big” C-versions it is described.
Unfortunatelly in the AI-manual, there is nothing mentioned about this.


Cubase AI 5 PDF manual page 87

Does AI come with the Studio EQ plugin? If so, that is pretty much the channel strip EQ. So, if you want to have the EQ Pre fader/pan or pre other plugins, you can.

Oh, and it has been pretty much proven that parametric EQs are pretty much identical (they will null when curves are matched). The difference is mainly how easy is it to get the curve you’re looking for. That’s not to say that there aren’t parametric EQs with steep slope options or some other options that give them a little character. But, if you are worried about standard channel parametric EQ, the built in is fine.


Got it!
Is in the manual on page 98 and shows, that the EQ is following the inserts 1-6 and the output goes to the fader and afterwards back to the inserts 7-8.

And NO!
No studioEQ included in AI5.

Anyway, thanks for the hints.