cubase ai help please!

I am following the tutorial for setting up a template for the first time in ai.
I have set up a midi track and played back through halion sonic/prologue and basic microsoft instruments and I’m happy with my MIDI track.
I then follow the tutorial and create 3 audio tracks and select mono in the configuration window. I then press Add Track and the 3 tracks appear as they should but the mono has changed to Left-Stereo in in the in the input window.
Is this important? and how do I get it to register as ‘mono’. .?
cheers for any help!


What about your VST Connections > Inputs settings? Do you have Mono In here? There is a speaker icon in the VST Connections > Inputs. This is Mark of the default input. If you jse your Mono In by default, right-click on it, and set it as a default one.