Cubase AI how to add intro click

Hello Gurus
need to know how to add a intro click and have the click panned to the left and music to the right so I can have the drummer have the click.
Any docs on setting this up?



To enable the “intro click”, enable the Pre-Count, please. In the Metronome Setup, you can set, how many bars should it be.

To route the metronome to the Left in Cubase LE, you have to add a Mono Bus in the VST Connection > Outputs. Set the Device port to the Line Out 1 (L). Then add another Mono Bus, and set the Device port to the Line Out 1 ®. Enable Click to the Mono Output 1 (with Line Out 1 (L)). Route your Drums to the Mono Output 1, and other tracks to the Mono Out 2 (Line Out 1 ®).

In Cubase Pro, this is much easier, you can route Click sound freely.