Cubase AI LE 9 needing faster PC, help please, Newbie.

Hi everyone,

I just built my first home recording studio. I bought the Yamaha MG12XU, my first mixer which has usb 2.0. I also bought a pair of KRK Rokit 5 Gen 3 monitors, and some Sennhieser HD 280 Pro headphones, and two Shure SM57 mics for micing my guitar amp and drum amp. I also bought good quality XLR sound cables, including my 480 mbps usb 2.0 cable. Everything is working perfectly. Yamaha included Cubase AI LE 9, which I download, installed and registered on my PC. My Windows 10 Device Manager instantly detected my Yamaha mixer. However, Cubase Device Setup does not. I poured through all documentation, which said to install the latest driver which I did, the ‘Yamaha Steinberg usb driver V1.9 10-2 for win 10/8.1/7(sp1)(32bit/64bit)’. Rebooted everything, reconnected my mixer. Now Cubase detects this new driver fine, but when I select it and try to switch it from the default driver ‘Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver’, Cubase says ‘Not enough CPU power’. Reading some of these forum posts, I see that other people have had similar problems when upgrading Cubase and drivers. My Dell is like 5 years old lol and I’m ready to replace this tower anyway. Can someone please tell me if this driver issue is my slow pc, and if so, please recommend the best system requirements for Cubase 9, which I can grow into when future versions come out too. I’m thinking I just need a much fast pc with a much more powerful intel/amd cpu, way more ram, and a decent graphics and sound card. I’m not a gamer so I don’t need anything too crazy, but I want to be able to run Cubase fast and clean, and eventually the full version, so I can start recording all my recorded songs through it. PS, I’m not a mac person, so Windows advice only. Any ideas GREATLY appreciated guys, thanks in advance!