Cubase Ai Le Elements 10.5.20 e-Licenser error

Hi Martin & all gurus,
I open a new topic from my earlier other gradual change of issues .

I have changed a new SSD on my Mac mini, installed Catalina , Cubase Ai Le Elements 10.5.20, latest
e-Licenser, did a maintainance run with my USB e License , and all went well with Cubase Ai with
first time opening, HOWEVER, every time I close / exit Cubase Ai, and open Cubase again at later time,
It always prompts with e Licenser ERROR at Media bay & others…

Pls help.
Thank you

It has been a few days already, trying to solve a chain of issues.


Even though this thread name is really in the topic (not the other one), we discussed this in the other topic, here already.