Cubase AI LE Elemets 7 recording

Yes, finally, it works!
By the way, I have asked for refund but got no answer.
Let’s get on business.

Device Setup --> VST Audio System --> Yamaha USB ASIO
Ports I/O State = Active for all of them
In - USB Audio CODEC - 1
In - USB Audio CODEC - 2
Out - USB Audio CODEC - 1
Out - USB Audio CODEC - 2

VST Connestions
I added two mono inputs (buses)
Bus name Speakers Audio Deveice Device Port
left mic 1 mono Yamaha USB ASIO, USB Audio CODEC - 1
right mic 2 mono Yamaha USB ASIO USB Audio CODEC - 2

I added two mono tracks in project, each track get particular bus (input, channel). Interesting thing here is that each track can get (and will record) audio signal from both microfones. Good to know if someone want to record duet. This is how I record two mic in Audacity on same track. Very wierd. Should not happened.

Now I pressed that stereo button (switch) on Audiogram6. Default position is mono. User manual says that this switch wil turn 2 mono inputs in 1 stereo pair. Total opposite in what I want to achieve but it did a trick.
Record enable both tracks and finally get separate audio on each track, even I can get track to record only channel with wich it is connected. Full control. Thank you Jenks.

I celebrate this with my favorite song from Grand Funk Railroad “Inside Looking Out” (1969). Now what. Yes, I have asked Steinberg for refund, got no respond, simple will not insist on answer. Who will pay me for being so nervous about this. Never mind, it is Yamaha, not Cubase that make things work.

When you find out, please pm me, I am nervous a lot, I think I could make a lot of money. :wink:

Actually, I think it was me reading the manual for the Audiogram6 and you following my instructions that made it work.

However, let’s not split hairs.

Sorry Steve, no way I will share that information. Nothing personal, just business. Jenks, I also read Audiogram6 manual and that stereo-couple switch means nothing to me in this scenario. Maybe is easier to blame whole world then think twice. But I also should get some credits because I took you for serious and follow your advices. Let it be team work. Thank you again for your effort. Case closed.