Cubase AI : no real time FX on audio

Hi everybody,

As a long time Cubase user (since Atari era) I bought a UR44 which seemed to fit perfectly to my current needs, and the included Cubase AI was part of making the decision. I’m pleased with it and eveything works well in MIDI and audio, as long as I don’t want to hear an effect plugin in real time on an audio channel.
I mean when I insert a plugin on an audio track I can hear the sound from the mic plugged in the physical input but not the sound of the plugin (say a reverb or delay). It is ok while reading already recorded audio or on a Vsti track, but I cannot get to hear the FX while monitoring or recording audio.

I tried every configuration for the FX (as insert, send, FX track…), checked the monitoring and loopback settings, and even changed some hardware setup, but nothing worked. It is somewhat frustrating, even more as it works in other softwares that I tried for testing (Reaper, Cantabile).

Is it a Cubase AI limitation ? Please let me know as I don’t find anything anywhere about that. And I’d really like to be fixed on it before upgrading to pro.

Otherwise maybe somebody could help me a bit fixing the problem ? Thanks.

Use software monitoring instead of direct monitoring.