cubase AI no right output

I have recently ran into a problem using Cubase AI that came with my ur 242. Previously, my projects could pan my recorded guitar tracks to either the left or the right. Also, when I would export as an audio mixdown, the songs would have left and right panned guitars. now, I get no output from the right for new projects. If I pan a guitar track 100% left, I get all of the sound. IF I pan the same track 100% right, I get no sound. If I pan the track 70% right, I only get the 30% from the left. If i center it, I only get sound from the left. my midi tracks can be panned 100% left or right and I get sound. this also extends to if I export an audio mix down. I get no sound from my left speaker or headphones. I know it is not a speaker/headphone issue since midi pans fine as well as the fact that older projects/mixdowns play both left and right panned guitars. I haven’t changed any hardware since my old projects. I created these new projects the exact same way that I created my old project. when I go through all the settings I can find, they are the same for both old and new projects. I cannot seem to find where the difference is. when I look at the mix console, the blue lines that show output levels for the track are not there either. If I pan the track left, the output bars are there but as soon as I pan to the right, the output bars go away. I would be very grateful for any assistance.

You might be recording your mono guitar though a mono source connection assigned as a stereo input bus. Check that in VST connections. Create a new or change the input bus to mono.

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My older projects are all set to stereo and work fine. The newer projects are set up the same way as the older projects, going through the same buses, as I can tell, and have this issue. I will try mono on my new projects when I get home but it is confusing since stereo worked for the older projects.

also, why would my old projects, with stereo inputs be working fine?

Because there is something you did different, no matter what you tell us.

Well of course I did something differently. The problem is I have no idea what. That’s why I came to you guys for help.

Only trying to assist…

Have you rechecked the type of input bus that is assigned to the audio track(s) you are having trouble with?

Issues similar to what you described have been traced back to the user assigning a stereo input bus to a mono connection like the typical 1/4" TS connection you would use for a guitar (which is a mono instrument).

Report back what you find.

I want state again that I am talking about the stereo or mono input bus created/assigned in the vst connections. It needs to be a mono bus. I am not talking about recording from that input bus onto a mono or stereo audio track. The audio track itself can be either a mono or stereo track. Although I personallly record my mono instruments or mic through a mono bus assigned as the input to a stereo audio track.

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