Cubase AI not activated, but I did?!


A week ago I received my Steinberg UR44 and instantly downloaded Cubase AI with my Download Access Code. I installed it and activated it on mySteinberg, where I was redirected to as I started Cubase and clicked “Activate now”. However, as soon as I start Cubase, it still tells me to activate Cubase or to use the trial version. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Are you sure, Cubase is asking for the Activation? Doesn’t it ask for the Registration?

Are you sure, you are running Cubase AI, not Cubase Elements?

Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

Yes and yes. Cubase asks for Activation, at least that is the word Cubase uses here. The application is Cubase AI.

Here is the proof:

Sorry that is in german.

Activate = aktivieren
Register = registrieren