Cubase AI not in eLicenser Control Centre - unable to upgrade to Pro

Hi guys…anyone of you having the problem that Cubase AI is not shown on eLicenser Control Centre? I bought a Steinberg Audio Interface UR22C with Cubase AI - it is installed in my computer, but there is no eLicence in the Control Centre - from previous forum post, I know that I cannot upgrade without this eLicense - In Self Centre of my Steinberg account, I try to enter the download access code of my Cubase AI - I cannot – it ask me to redeem at Self Centre - I then click redeem (red) button, and go back to enter Download Access Code with my registered Audio Interface - it ask me to redeem my Download Access Code again!!
So, I cannot solve the issue to get my Cubase AI be appeared on eLicenser Control Centre - and I cannot do the upgrade --BUT I have already bought the upgrade product…


Did you activate Cubase AI? Does the Cubase AI license appear in the Steinerg Activation Manager?

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Hi, Martin. Thanks so much for your reply. Please find screencap of my computer
20231018Screencap.pdf (208.2 KB)
Is it normal? I cannot find Cubase AI in the eLincenser. But from some youtube video, I know that I should have it in the eLicenser Control Centre. To reply you, I think I should reply you that there is Cubase AI in the Activation Manager? (see my screencap)