Cubase ai reactivation


After Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 my daughter can no longer use Cubase 8 ai (received after buying Ur22mk2 hardware). I try to reactivate it in Mysteinberg account, but I have this message “No products found on this eLicenser.” I uninstalled all, installed the last version of elicenser the Cubase, but the problem is still there…
Any help please?
Thank you.

Did you follow these steps?
Did you have the license registered in the MySteinberg account?

Hi Jaslan,

Thank you!
I don’t see the license in Mysteinberg account, but the Ur22 is registred and the download link is present from “Softwares” Tab.
I could see the license in my PC (soft eLicenser) but after using the Installer helper, there is no licenses now.

Yes I followed these instructions; but it seems that the license was not registred in mysteinberg, and I don’t have the printed DOWNLOAD INFORMATION DOCUMENT any more
Is there a way to request another download access code?

Thank you

Contacting support is the only way. It an activation code you need, not download code, btw.


Thank you for your help!!!
Finally the issue was solved by the Steinberg support.

Have a nice day.