Cubase AI recording problems With Stenberg UR 12


I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this.

I have a problem with setting up my microphone and my electric guitar with the Steinberg UR12 and Cubase AI.

The mic is in the Channel 1, Guitar Channel 2.

When i start Cubase it offers me the already made template for recording saying to plug the mic into channel 2 and the guitar into channel one, which i cant do.

Then after i look around, try few things, i manage to only hear the mic working through the “guitar channel” which Cubase identifies as channel 1, and the mic is in the channel one.

I tried everything i know, it became frustrating because i cant just sit down and play :smiley:

  • Im not sure now anymore about the vst/plug in connections, dont know anymore which one is which, what is what.
  • Selected the Steinberg Asio driver
  • Tried with the monitor and without. When direct monitor is ON i can hear the guitar, but no signal.

    Please tell me what screenshots you need if you need to look into the problem.

    Thank you,




The Template is stupid. On UR12, you have to use Channel 1 as Mic, and Channel 2 as Guitar.

After opening this template open VST Connections > Inputs. Then swap the Device Ports so the Mic is Channel 1 (Input 1-Left), and the Guitar is Channel 2 (Inputs 1-Right).

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply and trying to help. I tried that, still, nothing changes, the channel stays as it is, 2 is 1 and 1 is 2, and again i cant hear the guitar.
Will try few things that i can remember, feel a bit stuck now lol .

Thank you ,


Hi Martin,

I just restarted my pc and everything works fine!! Thaaaaank you!!!
such a little thing but made me a lot of trouble lol
Thanks for the help, appreciate it!