Cubase AI records but no audio on playback

I know there are a lot of similar questions here, but this is odd:

In Audio Connections, inputs and outputs are assigned to the audio interface (UR22mkII). I can successfully record a track, but when I play it back, I hear nothing, listening on headphones plugged into the audio interface headphone jack. Monitoring for the track is enabled. Gain for the headphones is up, and if I play a video on the laptop, I hear its audio in the 'phones, so the phones are indeed connected and working.

I’ve looked at troubleshooting videos and this forum, haven’t found a fix. It must be a Cubase setting, right? But what?

can’t claim to be an expert, but try going to a track and click the stylized “e” for edit channel settings. At the top are the input and output routing. The right arrow is output. It may not be set to whatever output your setup requires. Hope this helps. I probably can’t answer followup questions.

To hear a recording on the track, turn monitoring OFF. You can change the behavior of monitoring in the Preferences file under the VST Tab. Monitoring ON routes the input (rather than the track contents) to the Output device so you can hear yourself while recording.