Cubase AI upgrade to Artist 9 not working


I bought a UR22 with Cubase AI included then I bought a Cubase 9 Artist Upgrade License but when I visited your website only Cubase 9.5 is available. Since there is no other option I downloaded the Cubase AI 9.5 and use the Cubase 9 Artist License to upgrade it. The problem now is that I can’t upgrade it to Artist 9. What should I do?

Hi and welcome,

If you haven’t use the Activation Code, the license upgrade to the latest one itself. So now if you upgrade Cubase AI to Cubase Artist, it will automatically upgrade to Cubase Artist 9.5.

The question is, why you can’t upgrade? What is shown in the eLCC application? Any message?

Be aware you need an USB-eLicenser for the Cubase Artist license, and first you have to move the Cubase AI Soft license to the USB-eLicenser, to be able to upgrade the license.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late response. I wasn’t notified about your reply.

When I tried to use the activation code to upgrade to Cubase Artist 9 this is the message I got “Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license.”

I have my USB-eLicenser plugged in.

I attached 2 screenshots to show you what appeared on my screen when I tried to use the Activation Code.

And when I tried to activate the license on eLicenser Control Center this is what my screen looks like.


Before you start the license upgrade you have to move the Cubase AI license to the USB-eLicenser in the eLCC application (via drag-and-drop). Have you done this?

You’re misunderstanding his issue.

He bought an upgrade to Cubase Artist 9 (somehow), but he has Cubase AI 9.5, so the upgrade isn’t going to work. He needs an upgrade to Cubase Artist 9.5.

If you bought the upgrade from the Steinberg shop, contact Asknet support to request a refund:

Explain the situation to them and link to this thread if needed.

I see, sorry.

I had the same enquiry… and got it working fine.

please see