Cubase AI upgrading to 7.5? Please help

There’s a bug I was finally able to reproduce this weekend that you should know about.

Cubase AI does not support Time Signature or Temp tracks, it’s a full version only feature. I run AI in my live environment so that I can playback without a dongle, but do my editing in the studio on the full license / dongle version.

What I’ve discovered is that if you create a project with the full version and add Time Signature and / or Tempo tracks, but then later open and save this project in AI, when you return to it in the full license version, your tracks are gone forever. Saving in AI corrupts the project in this regard. If you try to add these tracks again in the full version, you’ll get an error message that they’re already there. They are, and you haven’t lost any of the data, but the tracks are no longer visible.

You can still access the data via Project Browser, where you’ll see the two entries and can bring up the full editor view of each. However, there is functionality & convenience in the timeline tracks that have disappeared that you’ll lose forever.

If you’ve created projects in AI, you may be able to go into the full version and add the tracks since they never existed - I haven’t tested that. However, once added, if you ever save in AI, you’ll lose them. This issue is current as of the latest AI version (7.07).

I reported this last night to Chris in US support via a reply to an email conversation we already had in progress. Up until yesterday I couldn’t reproduce the disappearing tracks bug.

If you do lose your tracks, the workaround at the moment is to create a new project in the full version, then copy & paste your work from the AI project into the new one. Then you’ll be able to add the signature & tempo tracks. Just make sure that once you’ve done this, you don’t open / save in AI from then on.

I’ve had a great overall experience with AI and the full version. They’ve both been stable and very dependable. This is just an odd glitch that I encountered, but I wanted to pass it along so you didn’t have to chase it down yourself.

Have fun!


That is not a bug, it is stated on our Compatibility and interchangeability chart in the knowledge base:

Settings of functions or areas of the program which are not available in the used application will usually be discarded or cannot be edited.

Best regards,

Hi, Guillermo.

Appreciate the quick response on this. While I reviewed the compatibility pdf, I haven’t seen this page before.

That said, I would respectfully submit that this is an issue in need of a change. It’s one thing to open a feature limited version of a program and have those features be hidden. It’s another thing entirely to have a project created in the full version lose functionality because of a save in a limited version. That amounts to data loss, which is among the greatest sins in software development (I make a living as a programmer, which is how this sin got pounded into my head :slight_smile:).

While I consider data loss to be a bug, since this is stated functionality my request to fix this would be viewed by the developers as an enhancement request. Therefore, if you could submit it to them in that manner I would be most grateful, as this issue means I’m always one accidental save away from project corruption.