Cubase AI UR 242

i just bought an UR 242 and was planning on installnig cubase. The problem is that it’s not accepting any of the codes nor the serial number?! solution please.

Hi and welcome,

With UR242 you got Cubase AI. There is the Download Access Code. Make sure you use it as Download Access Code, in the MySteinberg account, not as Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center application, please.

That’s exactly what i’m doing and the key doesn’t work.


What message do you get?

That my serial number is invalid and that the cubase ai key doesnt work and i’m sitting with the papers right in front of me


Sorry, could you make a screenshot (that would be the best), or type the message exactly, please?

i’ll get a screenshot tomorrow it’s in my studio.

That’s the link to the printscreen. Seems like they cubase key is working now but not the serialnumber

I see… It’s a Serial Number of your Audio Device (UR242). Make sure you use correct o-0 (o-zero) letters, please.

wich i copy from the Elicensor control panel? so why isn’t it working?


No, this is not Soft-eLicenser Number. It asks you for the serial number of your hardware which you can find on the down side of the hardware.

Alright! Then the helping guide is quite useless, since it told me to copy the serial number from the elicenser. And guess what I’ve actually tried the serial number on the piece of paper aswell, not just one time but about 10 times. Still it’s not working


Sorry, but you have to read carefully. It’s not the number on the paper. Insert the Serial Number , all other numbers are called different, which is placed in the down side of your UR424 hardware , please.