Cubase AI with ur816c - how do you do multiple outputs?


Got cubase AI with my interface which apparently you can use instead of dspmixfx - which is great because I can control it with my surface unlike the mixers mixers. Following? good! :slight_smile:

So in dpsmixfx you can setup different mixes for 4 pairs of outs - how do you do this in cubase AI using direct monitoring? I’ve done it in reaper easily but it’d be great to do it without latency.

Many thanks in advance.



Open Studio > Studio Setup > Audio Connections [F4] > Outputs. Click to Add Bus. Choose the Configuration (Mono/Stereo…) and click Add Buss. Now you can assign the buss to the Port.

Yes thats as far as I’ve got but then when I enable a send in the channel I don’t see any metering showing up on the output in the mixer - nor do I see it in the Hardware meter on the Stereo Out 2 channel.

I also don’t hear it I’ve just checked by using output 2L and it doesn’t actually send the signal there.

It’s all working and the main outs work but just sending to any other output isn’t working.

Actually sending to the Main outputs isn’t working either - you’d expect it to get louder but sending again to the mains but it doesn’t. I’m using the Sends in the mixer - is there somewhere else I should be doing the routing?

and in audio connections I only have the little speaker icon on the main outs - I need to be able to monitor with the other outputs too.


It’s a bit weird but the solution is to duplicate the audio tracks and set the duplicates to the different outputs. You cannot SEND to multiple outputs but you can make duplicate audio channels with the same inputs. VERY weird way of working but i’ll take it :slight_smile: :grinning:

AHHHH and then there seems to be a 32 track limitation meaning only 1 monitor mix… It’ll do but does anyone know of a better way to achieve this?

I’m essentially trying to use my ur816c as a digital mixer. The dspmixfx is great but you can’t rename channels (which is a very ridiculous limitation) and you can’t control the faders with a controller.