Cubase AI X64BIT

I would appreciate if i can have some assistance to know, if i can uninstall my x32 bit Cubase LE AI elements 7
without compromising my x64bit version of Cubase as above, installed as well in my PC. Which they came with my UR22.

Reason being, as i wish to keep working on my x64bit Cubase, since my PC is x64 bit operating system,
and somehow all this seems to handle pretty well busy projects.

Much thanks


you can uninstall the 32 bit version without affecting the 64 bit install.
Those are separate installations and reside in two diferent paths.

You can uninstall it using the Programs and Features panel in Windows, accessible from the Control Panel.
The 64 bit version is clearly marked as such. Please, make sure you don’t uninstall any Content, as that is shared.


Thank you so much Fabio and glad that my posts are now showing.

Brian Vassallo