cubase AI4 compatability w/ other AI4 products

I had purchased the Yamaha system KX61/CubaseAI4. Then I purchased the Yamaha Audiogram 6 w/Cubase AI4.
Can I get these systems to work compatably? Also my sound card on my laptop is sigma tell audio(which sucks by the way). I found on the web ASIO for everyone. can I substitute the ASIO for the sigma tell? Where in Cubase AI4 do I place the ASIO program so I can get the best results? You should know I’m a beginner at this Computer Audio Recording. I have worked w/Tascam porta studios for years, but I want to get into Cubase for more control over my recordings and better results. Advice would be helpful. :ugeek: The Bassweasel

Start by reading the Cubase and Yamaha manuals, most if not all of your questions are explained there…

The KX61 and the Audiogram will work fine together with AI4.

To add something a bit more specific to thinkingcaps advice, once you have installed and activated AI4, go to the help menu and select “Getting Started”. This will step you through what you need to do.