cubase ai4 & mountain lion 10.8.5

Hello, years ago i bought my motif xs and it came with the cubase ai4. Now i want to use it on my new mac running the Mountain Lion 10.8.5 but when i try to install it i have a message: Installation not successful. I readt on another post that a friend had the same problem running Snow Leopard and someone said him to download the install updater for SL, so i was searching in the steinberg’s support but i don’t see any installer for mountain.

Someone can help me? My idea is to update from ai4 to full version 7.

By the way, after that not succesful installation it looks like is working…but i don’t want to buy the full version and have some kind of problem

Sorry for my english, bye

AI4 is 7 years old, there is almost certainly no updated installer for such a recent version of OSX. If you are interested in Cubase I would much rather download the trial version of Cubase elements 7 which is much more functional anyway. It is a fully working copy but will stop functioning after 30 days.