Cubase AI4 on multiple computers

Hi, i was wondering if i can use AI4 on multiple computers? i’t the SOFT-ELICENSER not the dongle. Can i put the SOFT-ELICENCER on a dongle thanks. :nerd: Help!


Thanks for the Quick reply, i will try that asap. Cheers mate.

One thing though:
Once on a dongle, always on a dongle you can´t reverse the process anymore.

Thanks Bro, but i can use it on different computer right! as long as i have the dongle plugged in is that right. Thanks for the reply.


Thanks for the replies.

iv’e posted this on other forum, but getting no answer. I was wondering if someone can help here. I got the cubase AI4 working fine but as iv’e just changed computers from pc to macbook pro 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, and cubase Ai4 is not synchronising with the N12. All works ok but i can’t use the ‘Daw remote control’ section, the cubase light doesn’t come on. Any help would be appreciated.