Cubase AI5 and an Akai MPKmini


Is there an easy way of mapping the pads on my Akai MPKmini inside of AI5 or do I need to assign the notes via the MPKmini editor software?


Hopeless in Houston… ; )

What do you want to map it to? Groove Agent ONE drumpads?

I’m using the drum sounds that come standard with AI5. I may be using the wrong terminology. What Im trying to do is assign the pads on the controller with different sounds than the ones that automatically get assigned when I just plug it in.

Thanks again.

Oh I see. There are 2 ways of doing that. One you already mentioned, which is changing the midi notes of your MPK. the other is to change the sounds assigned to those notes in the instrument you are using. I don’t have AI5, but I assume you are using HalionOne for drumkits? In that case you can change drumkits, but you can’t make changes to the drumkits themselves so your only option is to change the midi notes using the MPK software.

Gotcha! Thanks again.