Cubase AI5 and CoreAudio2Asio

I am presently experiencing problems with Cubase AI5.

I’m presently using a Mac Mini with OSX 10.9.1, 4GB Ram, i7 Quad-core Processor (64bit), Cubase AI5 installed.

I can run Cubase, I can record live Audio without incident. What I cannot do is use VST’s.

I noticed that the VST driver does not appear in the “Devices Window” as it did in my Snow Leopard Macbook. Quick google reveals it’s because CoreAudio2ASIO needed an upgrade.

I downloaded the package from here, and even tryed the manual bundle install from here.

Unfortunately neither has made the driver appear in the VST “devices window”. Infact the package never actually allowed me to install the update with the “Install” button greyed out (even when I selected location and ensured it was looking to install in the right place".

Is there something I’m missing; Or is it simply that this isn’t going to work?