Cubase AI5 and MOX Editor VST Error

Dear Freinds,
I am a Cubase AI5 user with YAMAHA MOX 6, and was successful in using the MOX with Cubase AI5 with both Audio and MIDI Recording From 2012. I am using only a YAMAHA MOX6 and Cubase AI5, no other peripherals or softewares. MOX is my Audio/Midi Interface. All these days everything worked just fine,but from today i am troubled by this problem. When I try to bring the MOX Editor VST online, its not happening and it is displaying an error message instead. Being a musician and with a poor knowledge of technical aspects,I am not able to figure out what is wrong?
So I am requesting all the users and experts in this forum to help me out to address this problem. If not my music production will come to a halt. Plz help

I have attached the error message that I am getting whenever I try to get the MOX Editor VST Online.
Capture 5.JPG

anandapriya: Have you tried “TRASHING THE PREFERENCES”
in Cubase AI5. :question: :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

No, I haven’t… what is “TRASHING THE PREFERENCES” and how to do that? plz…

My OS Details:
Win7 - 32bit
2.8Ghz Dual Core processor (AMD Athlon)
Cubase AI5

Hardware: YAMAHA MOX6 - as Audio/MIDI interface.

Dear Cubase users and experts, Plz help me out… I’m in the middle of producing an album… because of this problem I am not able to do MIDI Recording with MOX VST Editor. So music production has come to a halt… Plz help :frowning:

Dear NWP,
I have referred to the article,
My versions of the drivers and Editor VST is:
Driver Version: YSUSB_V162_Win32 - Version 1.6.2 , Instead of V1.8.3
Editor VST : Version 1.4.1

Slightly previous

1.Is this happening just because I have not updated to the latest versions of the driver and Editor? Because All these days, Editor VST was working fine and I have used it and it has worked without any problems…
2. At present I have downloaded and installed the MOX VST Editor 1.4.1…,but the article says MOX VST Editor Standalone V1.6.0.Which one of the two Editors should I have downloaded?? Either MOX VST Editor OR MOX VST Editor Stanalone??