Cubase Ai5 multiple midi channel recording

hi !

is it possible to record incoming midi from an external sequenser onto separate tracks in Ai5 ?

i have a bunch of old song-ideas that i’d like so save into Cubase instead of the old Roland D20 :open_mouth:

and, i also would like these tracks to be “playable” in Ai. I can do with GM Sounds

i have a friend that menitions something about some setting that separates incoming
midi data in SX3 . But is this doable in Ai ?

thanks in advance.


In AI5 you can only record all channels on one track, and dissolve by channel after recording

and how do i dissolve by channel ?

// magnus

By using the “Dissolve” command… :confused:

thank :slight_smile:

problem now, is that it crashes every time i try to assign an GM instrument to the dissolved channels . .