cubase ai5 not detecting microphone?

so i have a steinberg ci2 and an audio technica cardioid condenser microphone. i’m working with cubase ai 5. initially, i had no problems with the software/setup at all, everything recorded nicely. recently, however, the program does not seem to be picking up the mic at all. when i hit record, there is no acknowledgement of any sound being made; all that i can see is a flat line and there is no sound upon playback. i know the mic is working because i can hear it in my headphones.

this is what i see when i go into vst connections:

any ideas?


You need to switch your ASIO driver back to the Steinberg one. You’re on the DirectX driver with onboard sound. That should give you the proper bus options in VST Connections.

that’s done it. thanks!

You’re welcome! :sunglasses: