Cubase AI5 Remote Control with DTX700

Hi all,

I’ve just bought a yamaha DTX700K electronic drum and having some trouble in make DTX700 module control Cubase AI5.

Looks like a very easy thing to do (looking in manual or videos) but it’s not working for me.

I had installed CubaseAI5 from CD included, latest midi-usb driver and DTX700 EXTENSION in my laptop.

I can see that Cubase is receiving midi information as the indicator (MIDI IN activity) is blinking when I push DTX buttons but the functions are not working.

I had followed the instructions from yamaha:

Appreciate any help!

Did you enable Sync in Cubase?


thanks for answering but I already had it working now.

It was 2 things:

1- the latest extension provided by Yamaha (version 1.0.1) hadn’t worked.
My laptop is WIN7 64-bits, so I used 1.0.0 version.

2- there is a sequence to follow:

  • computer and dtx700 turned on
  • connect usb cable (wait for Windows to identify hardware/drivers)
  • Open CUBASE 5 AI
  • Press Shift + menu buttons in DTX module to enter in REMOTE mode

That is it.
I hope Steinberg and Yamaha do the home work now and make better software and Install Guide.