Cubase AI5 startup errors

Hey all

I’ve just bought a new computer (win 7, 64bit) and installed my cubase AI5 on it, updated both driver and software. When I start the program, it stops and freeze when initializing “SSE Optimized Audio DSP Library”. Not only Cubase AI5 freeze, but afterwards also any other media I try to start, freezes. winamp, vlc, youtube, all of it. Even if I start up a game, it wont start.

I recovered my entire C drive and everything was ok, but again, as soon as I installed cubase AI5, it freezes and I cant do nothing… Anyone been through this and have a solution? please help! I love cubase ai5 and I need the program so much, so I cant afford it freezing like this

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


oh, forgot, it’s with CI2

computer specs: intel core i7 2630qm 2 ghz, 750 gb HDD 5400 rpm, 8 gb DDR RAM, win 7 premium, full hd, geforce gt 555m 2gb - and bought yesterday

Based on all the problems you are having with other programs, I would say, this is a problem with your system setup not specific to Cubase. If your computer came with a lot of extra programs on it, I would start unistalling the ones you don’t need. I would also make sure you have all the up-to-date drivers as sometimes these computers have been in a box for many months and new drivers (or Windows updates) have been released since.
I wouldn’t even worry about Cubase until you get the other basics working properly. If you can’t watch a video or listen to a song with Media Player or Internet Explorer, something is definitely wrong.
Is this a Dell XPS? Looking at the video card makes me think so. If so, I have read about some of these having problems with the USB 3.0 ports. If so, try using the USB 2.0 ports.


Any updates on this issue? I am having the same problems.

same here… having that sse problems too