cubase ai5, win 7-64, yamaha n8 PLEASE HELP


i have :cubase ai5, win 7-64, yamaha n8
i download all the nececery drivers (ntools, steinberg fw, firmware upgrade) from…all the latest stuff.
i can see the yamaha n8 as a device at the device manager…BUT
no matter whatr ive tried i cant get the cubase ready led to light (no connection), i cant see the n mascine at my sound devises (at sounds) and in cubase ai 5, i cant choose the steinberg driver…beacause …no succesfull link between yamaha n8 and my pc

the included manuals of all tha above are not helpfull at all (beacause n8 comes with cubase ai4 and n tools that work with this - but NOTHING works with windows 7 64. Im lucky to also have original cubase ai 5 from a motif xf 6 purchase but im reaal worried…i have the n8 for 10 days now and i cant work…

PLEASE…HELP (ive even tried to channge my 1394 win7 driver to the legacy one but…NOTHING) :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

If you can see the N8 as a device in Windows device manager then that is a good start.

Are you able to select the N8 as the default windows sound device, and if so, can you hear media player output through ther N8? This step will confirm that your hardware connections and drivers are working. If they are not, you should try to re-install the N8 drivers.

You could also contact Yamaha support directly in your country of residence.