Cubase AI6 license holders for Yamaha MX49

I can’t get a license for a Yamaha MX49 purchased on the market ((I installed and updated according to the instructions on the site several times. All without result. In general, I would like to update Cubase under a preferential update program for Cubase AI6 license holders. But I only have a CD which has nowhere to insert (my laptop does not have a CD-ROM drive) What should I do?

Do you have the cubase AI6 licence, either on a software elicencer or a hardware dongle ?

It’s entirely likely you didn’t get that transferred when you bought the MX49…

Apparently, the code for the link to obtain the license was not included in the box. But in theory, the license is tied to the synthesizer and my computer? Plus, I want to update it under a preferential program. But how to do it is not clear (
P.S. software elicencer

I don’t believe the licence is tied to the synthesizer ? It is a separate licence which I assume has already been redeemed. This means you have nothing to upgrade from.

What is showing on your software elicencer ?

I think the best idea is to email steinberg direct and see if there is anything they can do. This is a user forum so it’s very unlikely that anyone here can help.

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Thanks for the advice) But how to write to the company directly? Didn’t find a link or mailing address …

you don’t mention where in the world you are but the contact details are (mainly!) here:

you’ll probably have to register at Mysteinberg and submit a support ticket…it’s also possible that support will say that AI6 isn’t supported any more ! Worth a try though.

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