Cubase AI6 to Cubase Elements 7


I have a Yamaha mixer that have come with Cubase AI6. My question is how i can do the upgrade to Elements 7?
I have only the registration in my Steinberg. What is needed to make the upgrade?


You go to a (online) shop and order / buy it, just like anyone else…?

Hi! I’m talking about the requested codes to make the upgrade.
The ones that i have on my steinberg, the Soft-eLicenser number and activation code are enough?


To download the license for the AI6 -> Elements 7 upgrade, the AI6 license must be in your eLCC. Do you have AI6 installed currently? You don’t necessarily need the program itself installed, but the eLCC needs to be installed with your activated AI6 license. This is what the upgrade activation code will look for.