Cubase AI6 Trackpad for Mac problem

Hi guys.
I bought a new Mac with Retina screen and loaded my Cubase AI6 on it. Everything loaded perfectly and I registered all the software, but when I opened the program I found that I’m not able to use my trackpad or mouse to select most things. Which obviously is a big problem. Is there a new upgrade that I need to install? Thanks

Just to explain again. I have OS X 10.9.2, but my Cubase AI 6 load, but I can only use cursors to select, not my mouse or trackpad. Help please???

18 views, No answers?? Sad Steinberg community

hey bro i have the same problem i just got a new macbook pro and installed the program but i can’t click on anything I’m running cubase le 6 tho

I imagine that has to do more with the possibility that none of those 18 thread readers have had that problem, than whether or not the community needs more prozac :wink:

Did you check to see if the “Virtual Keyboard” in the Transport is active? That will block most of the keys.

Feel free to post in the Cubase 6 or 7 forum which gets more traffic, since you didn’t get an answer here.