Cubase AI6 win -> OS X then upgrade to LE9

Dear Steinberg
I have my Cubase AI 6 on my windows laptop running. I have bought MacBook and now I would like to transfer my license to my new Mac and after that I would like to buy an upgrade the Cubase to LE 9.
I understand that I need to install AI 6 on Mac then reactive the license. Problem is that I cannot find the installation file on your site. I have found some installation of version 6 but after running it, it says that it needs minimum Mac OS 10.5.x even if I have 10.12.x (Sierra) installed.
Can you please help me?

Hi and welcome,

1st of all, you need the full installer, not just the updates. Make sure you downloaded it.

To install it on macOS Sierra, use the Steinberg Installer Tool, please.

Actually you have to install it only to create a Soft-eLicenser Number. If you install eLCC app and open it and you can see the Soft-eLicenser Number, you don’t have to install Cubase AI6. Just reactivate it to this computer.