Cubase AI7 Asio and remote devices -questions

I just bought Yamaha MX, what came with Cubase AI7. Why I can’t see remote devices-submenu in the devices-tab ?
Yamaha MX should be expecially design for DAW remote control…

Another problem is that if I want record the Yamaha’s own sounds via midi, I have to change the ASIO-driver to Steinberg’s ASIO driver, but then I cant hear the sound from the laptop’s speakers. After recording the clip, I have to change the ASIO-driver to “generic-ASIO-driver” to hear any sound.

If I use VST-instruments, everything works fine with “generic-ASIO-driver” (everything but remote-devices :wink: )

Thanks for advance,

EDIT: I just noticed, that there is a software extension bundle for remote functions…
I missed that part of installation, I have to try it…
“MX49/MX61 Extension” is a software component that enables you to use the MX49/MX61 along with Cubase series*

But another part of my question is still actual… :slight_smile: