Cubase AI7- audio track goes silent

Hi folks,

I’m an old-time Cubase user and have used it long before Cubase audio came out.
But I’ve been several years now without any access to Cubase and decided to get back in.

So I bought the Steinberg UR22, installed and recorded a demo project.

Soft synths work perfectly and I can hear them in the mix. No tracks are soloed nor muted.
Then I’ve set up a mic and recorded an Audio track.I got a nice waveform so the input must have been okay.

Then I hit play and the audio track is audible for about half a second and then goes silent. I can see the waveform but it’s not audible. Then I rewind to the beginning and hit play- and it’s still silent (even the part that was okay during the first time).
I go into mixer and the fader is opened up to about 90%. I can use the scrub tool and hear my audio.
I open the audio editor- in the editor I can preview the audio with no problems.
Then I close the editor and go back to the main screen and again- the audio track won’t play.
I found a discussion thread mentioning that there’s a “mix reset” switch in the mixer. I couldn’t find it.
I tried to write and play fader automation. Fader moves as programmed but the audio is still silent.
I also noticed a red dot displayed on the audio track’s meter. Does this mean that the track was clipped and was muted? Is there a way to clear this status?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the lengthy post,

What version and build of Cubase AI7 do you have installed (PC: Help, About. Mac: Cubase menu, About)?

When you playback the track in Cubase, does the Stereo Out meter playback? Is the track in Record Enable or Monitor Enable (orange speaker button)?

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delay in my response. Using Windows 7 64 bit installation with latest updates.
I just updated from:
AI7 Version 7.0.6 Build 2231 (64 bit) Built on Sep 12 2013
AI7 Version 7.0.7 Build 2277 (64 bit) Built on Jan 21 2014

I also checked with all combinations of the speaker and record enable buttons.
In all cases the track’s meter is dark. The master meter moves only when other channels are playing.
Still a red dot is displayed on the track’s meter (see screenshot).

I’m not sure how critical this is- in the meanwhile I have successfully recorded other projects with audio tracks and they work just fine. It’s just this one project that seems to be corrupted.

So from my point of view we can forget about it.


Your screen shot is cut off so I cannot see the entire track. My general recommendation for anyone in a similar position would be to remove the offending track and add a new empty track, then record there to see if the issue persists. Glad to hear you are not having the issue in other projects.

Hi Guys,

I’ve having this exact same problem.

I will record audio, see the normal waveform etc but when I play back only some portions play sound.

Cubase Elements 7.0.6 build 223 (32bit) on windows 7 64bit

Any ideas, I tried the suggestion to create a new track but it seems a persistent issue.


I would suggest updating to 7.0.7 from

Ok updated to 7.0.7 same behaviour. Oddly, I noticed if I duplicate the track the new track plays for about 1 or 2 seconds before going silent?

Any other ideas?


In Devices, VST Performance, is either meter peaking? Are any plugins loaded in the project?

Ok, the culprit seemed to be the channel default loaded VST dynamics insert ‘rock lead vocals’ once this was disabled the audio plays back as it should.



I am using a trial version Elements Win 7 64 bit v to evaluate prior to purchase and have encountered the same issue i.e. can record audio and am seeing waveform in Audio track two (The OP level metering appears in the ‘Master Track’ not in the audio track itself though- not sure if that is as it should be). I can hear track in main project view using scrub and play with LH mouse button held down. However, when using normal transport play I hear nothing and the OP level monitoring meter in Master track no longer registers. Recording/Playback of MIDI tracks was not a problem using either an external SQ32 multi timbral synth and/or the HALion sonic SE onboard synth module.

I have a new PC Intel Core i5 4570 core with 8GB Ram a SSD drive for apps and a 1TB HHD for storage partitioned. The sound module is an Mbox-2 with the latest ASIO Digidesign driver for Win 7 64 bit. This works fine out
of the box with normal audio applications and with my old Cool Edit Pro software. Unfortunately the latter is not good for MIDI which is why I wanted to use Cubase having in my Pro musician days gone from early Pro24/Atari through the various incarnations of Cubase. Current problem is a ‘showstopper’ if I cannot monitor audio with MIDI playback

I have spent several days trying various things (even-horror of horrors) reading the manual and watching the instructional videos) with no success and have only 17 days left before I decide whether or not to register and pay for this.

Can anyone help whilst I still have hair and no broken windows in my music room?

I would recommend updating to 7.0.8 from

In Devices, VST Connections, Outputs, I would suggest deleting the Stereo Out, then add one back in. Go to the audio track and reconnect it to the new Stereo Out. Do you still not hear audio from an audio file then?


Well there’s a first! MS Windows7 actually fixed something!! I received the ‘Windows has encountered a problem and must close the program’ after which it reported an ’ application Incompatibility problem’ - Win 7 64 bit with Cubase Elements 64 bit ??? - which it offered to ‘attempt to repair’. Yeah! Whatever!! :slight_smile: Amazingly after the required reboot Cubase Elements reported issues (cant remember if it stated there was no sound module connected or whether it was the bussing. Anyway I deleted the busses even though they were present (MBox 2 Stereo MBox 2 (1) Left and MBox 2 (2) Right for Input and Output and replaced them and ‘lo and behold’ I now have sound on Audio track playback and VST Midi track playback. Latency is around 8ms and the system usage is barely registering on the meter (although I only currently have 6 MIDI and 2 Audio tracks with 2 tracks with 1 FX AUX routing)

Still all the signs are good. Not sure whether to update to 7.8.8 now it is working. Is there somewhere that tells you what fixes features each update revision includes?

It is a pity external monitoring is greyed out though especially as the MBox 2 has a MIX control to enable monitoring between IP and OP. A couple more days of playing around to prove stability and time to get the credit card out.

Doh! regarding info on what fixes are in revisions I found it straight after posting! Sorry.