Cubase AI7 Selecting output device


I’m trying to record guitar using a Yamaha THR. I can get the audio in and out using the THR ASIO but can’t seem to configure Cubase so I can input from the THR and monitor/playback through the powered speakers connected to my Mac. There’s no option if I try and ass another output bus for my Macs audio as the output in the VST connection when the THR is connected.

If I disconnect the THR, Cubase let’s me select the Mac as my ASIO - so it’s one set up or the other - but not input THR and output via the Mac at the same time.

Any ideas gratefully received.



Yiu cannot use multiple audio devices (drivers) at once in Cubase. The workaround is to make an Aggregate Device in the Audio MIDI Setup utility of OS X. But the Aggregate Device could leds to instability.

Thanks for clearing that up Martin.