Cubase AI7 versus Cubase Elements 7

Since a few weeks I’m using AI7, which came with my UR22. From time to time I get asked to upgrade to Elements 7.
Nowhere I can find what the differents are between AI7 and Elements 7, so can somebody please explain or provide me a link?
Cheers and thanks in advance,


in my Opiniun it´s worth it to upgrade.

I did it 2 Months ago. Most important you get 8 Insrts not4 anymore.

You get more plugs, like DJ EQ wich is pretty nice, zhe morphfilter also an nice tool.

Also included is the vintage Comp., tube comp, Brickwall Limiter, mono to stereo and stereo enhancer( wich is quit good).

For me it´s working because I use a lot of Third PArty Plugs, everything that makes sounds is not comming from Cubase :wink: either a few presets of the groove agent aren´t that bad.

Only thing that still sucks,: no sidechaining


Thanks EmmaAir.
Kind regards, Danny.