Cubase AI8 licensing / activation

Hi -

I bought a UR22 for a new PC build at the end of 2015, and installed and licensed the downloadable copy of Cubase AI8. Nothing has changed on this PC since then.

I’ve come to use Cubase for some recording today and been told that the software cannot be used any longer without permanent activation. On entering the activation key shown on this site or from my original activation email, I get a message telling me the activation code has already been used. I have installed the latest eLicenser software and get the same result; this shows me that the license expired on 7/10/2016. Everything I have tried on the activation site has produced the same activation key, which doesn’t work.

I have raised a support ticket - opened July 14th, last activity shown as July 18th, but no response or any other info as yet.

How do I proceed from here please?

Noel Weston

Hi and welcome,

Some Windows update might make a changes in this area. Start your eLCC application as an Administrator, and do Maintenance. Now, you should see your Cubase AI license on the Soft-eLicenser and you should be able to use your Cubase AI.