Cubase Al 6.07 = Cubase beta ?

I tried Cubase just for a few days and I am surprised about finding so many problems so fast:

  • fxb bank import doesn’t work correctly (presetnames are wrong)
  • when I create 3 or more tracks of the same instrument (simple vsti instrument) at once then cubase often crashes
  • The manual doesn’t say that you have to save your default template in the Appdate /Roaming /… folder in order to get found by Cubase, but anyway that doesn’t work properly as Cubase asks you for a new project folder instead of creating automatically a project folder (for example Samplitude handles that much better!)
  • starting/quitting Cubase takes longer than starting/quitting other DAWs (for example Samplitude, Reaper, Ableton Live,…)
  • once there was a white screen when I loaded an insert effect, I nether experienced that before with other DAWs
  • when I change my audio device (as well as my audio driver, for example: Fast Track interface=> POD HD500 interface) cubase doesn’t remember the input and output configuration and asks me. I nether experienced that before with other DAWs

(By the way processor intel i5 4*2,7 Ghz , 4gb ram)

Cubase 7.0.1 works great for me Melodyshine. :unamused:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Do you get paid for saying that? :sunglasses:

Did you compare the starting /quitting time?

Nope: I Don’t work for Steinberg. Just a musician who has used
Cubase Le4 - Cubase 6 - Cubase 7 and Wavelab 7
with no problems ever. I just RTM’s :wink:

How bout you “Melody” Do you get paid for saying that? :question: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For example:
As I said Cubase crashes when I load 3 instrument tracks of a 32-bit vsti plugin at once. But when I use jbridge, it works fine.

Oh, I just realize: Even the fxb import works now!