Cubase Al port license without elicenser

Hi, my question is: if I download cubase Al and activate license on one computer, how do I pass the license to another computer without elicenser. Is it possible? If it is what are the necessary actions that needed to be done?
What is the advantage of elicenser if the process is possible without it? Thank you in advance :wink:
There is some information here…
Does AI use the USB e-Licenser or the Soft e-Licenser?

Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile: this explains what is the e-licenser, but doesn’t answer the question, how do I mobile the software+license to another computer WITHOUT the e-licenser…
If you mean to go back and forth between computers with the soft e-Licenser, you can not. You must buy a USB dongle and transfer the license for that, and I am not even certain AI version allows it. It may be an Elements only feature. If you mean to PERMANENTLY move the license, read the FAQ.

Though if you can move it once, can’t you move it again? It can be very useful to be able to work elsewhere if there will be a need. I can’t find the answer for the specific question in those links /:

You are not allowed to use a Cubase version protected by the soft-eLicenser (Like Cubase AI) on more than one computer. If you want to use it on several computeres, you need to transfer the license to a USB-eLicenser, which must be attached to the computer you want to run Cubase on, but can be swapped between different computers.

This is how I do it since I have a MacBook I use when I go out to record someone and a PC when I’m recording in the studio. It works really well for me.

You can buy the USB licenser directly from Steinberg or through an authorized reseller. I found it cheaper on eBay. Good luck!