Cubase AL10 and Nektar panorama P4 midi controller

Any assistance would be great.
Just bought a new Nectar Panorama midi keyboard which I have been trying to connect to Cubase AL10, with no success.
Cubase runs initially as it loads the programme but when it moves to the connection screen it appears to freeze and cancels the download. Cubase AL10 is working fine itself as I have a small midi keyboard and this loads fine and functions as it should, but as soon as I connect the Panorama keyboard it crashes. I have downloaded all firmware and updates etc for keyboard and cubase but it still won’t function as it should. Running iMac Mojave 10.14.2 through a Steinberg UR12 interface as the output from iMac . Any ideas would be great.

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to start Cubase without P4 first. Then remove all Remote Devices, if there is any. Then I would double-check, there is no MIDI loop. I don’t know, maybe P4 allows some MIDI routing.

I’m also not sure if P4 is compatible with USB 3. Do you have any USB 2 port on your system? Could you try to connect P4 to the USB 2 port?

Tried what you suggested by no gain, Cubase runs fine when keyboard not connected but as soon and i switch it on it crashes, or if i have it switched on and then try and load it crashes at the connecting screen. The iMac is a late 2015 machine running Mojave 10.14, and it works fine with both garage band and also MainStage but there just seems to be an issued with Cubase AL10.
i’ll keep trying but any suggestions would be a help


Could you attach a crash file located in macOS Console utility, please?