Cubase AL4 upgrade questions...

I looked around to see if my questions can be answered before posting here. Didn’t find any.

Been working with Cubase AL4 on a MacBook Pro since 2009. With OSX upgrade issues, it was recommended that I not upgrade to the new OSX at that time. So I didn’t.

My iPhone upgraded recently but no longer syncs with my iTunes so I must upgrade. iTunes cannot upgrade unless I upgrade the OSX. Considering Mavericks but not El Capitan.

So, do I also need to upgrade AL4 and to what? I rely on this midi set up as a composer and cannot afford to lose everything I’ve created so far.

I’ve read some very disappointing posts about upgrades so naturally, this makes me a bit nervous.

Suggestions are helpful.

Thank you. Zenobia

Hi and welcome,

Cubase AI 4 is not supported with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. So using it is on your “own risk”. There is no upgrade from such an old Cubase version anymore. So if you want to be compatible with current Mac OS X version, you should buy Cubase Elements 8.