Cubase Al5 When i speak my voice enters headphones 1 second

Hi hope someone can help, just reloaded cubase on new laptop, got mic working through yamaha audiogram 6 usb interface on phantom power, through messing around for days i have eventually got the program to record from the mic but when i sing / speak the sound comes through the headphones a second later which is really offputting, ive had this problem before when i reloaded program but cant remember what buttons i pressed to resolve the issue, ive tried everything i can think of even youtube someone said about “latency?” but this hasnt got the feature to alter? im at a loss now but im sure its something simple staring me in the face. thanks Vince :slight_smile:

Go to Devices… Device Setup… There you can open the control panel to the audio device and adjust the latency.

my version doesnt seem to allow you to alter the latency, just tells you what the level is but in control panel theres no feature to alter it?

Do you have an option to activate direct monitoring?