Cubase allow moving note with draw tool in key editor

It would help speed workflow if u could move notes (drag around) with the draw tool instead of having to switch to the arrow tool to move it in the key editor. I know temporarily u can hold alt key to do that but i find myself in need of this after i have released the mouse button (the alt key doesn’t consciously come to mind) . I suggest being able to freely move the note on click and drag or at least with a modifier key won’t be bad.

It actually works the other way round already: The Select tool lets you draw in notes.
Maybe that already helps you?

the select tool does but it also has its short comings which drives me to use the draw tool instead. Mainly because when editing multiparts the select tool doesn’t allow me to draw overlap notes(it switches to inactive part). Also double clicking to add a note is too much work, holding alt to add a note is too much work. why not single click to add note and if note exists at click point it selects it? I tend to use the draw tool because i can single click and it works well in multipart editing however my only set back to moving notes which is why i created this suggestion