Cubase ALT+K problem

Hello, I am an old FL STUDIO user. We could play notes on the piano roll page on FL STUDIO by pressing the keys on the keyboard. Is the same feature valid in cubase? ALT+K feature is only valid for certain keys. Can we increase the number of keys there when we do ALT+K?

You can use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to shift octaves. You can also click the little dot-button at the bottom right to switch to advanced mode, that allows you to use the lower row of keyboard keys (zxcvb and dfhjk) together with the higher rows, for more range.

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I do what you say, but nothing changes.


Do you mean the sound is the same? Or something else?

Oh okay, when I pressed the circle at the bottom right, the whole problem was solved, and now when I press all the keys on my keyboard, the notes I want are working. Thanks.

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