Cubase always crashes on first opening

cubase always crashes on first opening. PC, Win 11, latest C 12.
After Cubase has been fully closed, if I open it again it will load but the project interface is dead. I then use task manager to close Cubase. On second opening Cubase shows the grey screen and I make no alterations just OK it. Cubase then seems OK but does not reposnd to any MIDI input. Only on third loading does it work

How to resolve please? BTW I have hundreds of plugins.

thank you Z


Generate a DMP file and share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.

  1. Please download ProcDump64 from Microsoft (~650kB) and extract the archive to a local folder on your harddisk.

  2. Run Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator (right click and select “run as administrator”)

  3. Navigate (in the Command Prompt) to the folder with the extracted procdump file.
    For example:
    cd C:\ Users \ \ Downloads \ Procdump
    Note: the dmp file will be written into that folder.

  4. Launch Cubase/Nuendo. You can work as usual. At any time, change to the command prompt and start procdump, to monitor Cubase/Nuendo for unexpected behavior (see next step).

  5. Launch procdump64 via Command Prompt:
    Cubase 12:
    procdump64 -e -h -t Cubase12

Nuendo 12:
procdump64 -e -h -t Nuendo12

The -h option will write a dmp file in case of an application hang. This might kick in too early sometimes, in case some action takes a little longer. Feel free to skip the “-h” option, if you are only up for fetching crashes.
The option -e will catch exeptions and the option -t terminations of the application.

  1. Prodump is now monitoring the Cubase/Nuendo process and will write a crash log, in case Cubase/Nuendo crashes or hangs. Perform the action that causes Cubase/Nuendo to crash and send us the generated crash dmp.

ZIP and share the DMP file via Dropbox or similar service, please.

HI Martin,
Struggling with this. I am running this in Windows terminal as I can find no way of getting CMD to run as admin in WIn 11 (used to be easy). Opening Run and typing in CMD dpoes not give an option for Admin rights. However I think windows Terminal is good?
Anyway I tried procdump running using “C: \Users\myname\Procdum64> procdump64 -e -h -t Cubase 12”
it threw an error message stating " […] The command prompot was not found, but does exist ion the current location. Windows Powershell does not load commands from the current location by default. If you trust this command, instead type “. \procdump64”.

So I did this with theadditional entries -e -h -t.

All i got was a long list of commands and then some text saying the term Cubase is not recognmised.

Even if I could get it working, do I run Procdump and THEN load Cubase (for it to crash) or do I load Cubase first?

Is there any easier way without Procdump? I note that on some occasions the grey screen has offered to send a dump to Steinberg. I have done this in the past. Are these dumps also stored on my system somewhere? Are they of any use? If so where is there location?

thank you


I’m sorry, I’m not Windows user.

No worries Martin - thank you for trying. I have contacted Steinberg