Cubase always starts at 44100 regardless of Project sample rate

I mean, I can’t see the relationship, but as you said it, maybe you can explain it :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the reply. You understand it correctly, but with a little correction. If i left the UMC activated in Windos Sound panel, in 48000hz, it stills start cubase at 44100, even if you look at windows sound panel, as he says it’s in 48000 but in cubase it’s on 44100. In this case, you have to disable and enable.

Also, I will try as you say to contact with Behringer, but I don’t think it’s a driver-problem, because I have a partner in my studio, and he uses Studio One and he never had this problem, so I suspect it’s Cubase-related. Nevertheless, i’ll see what Behringer says.

Thanks again!

EDIT: sorry, I replied steve but in this post I wanted to reply @Blademan

The driver is the software that handles the behaviour of the hardware… The hardware doesn’t behave correct. That’s what we are saying all the time…


as I said, this issue only happents with Cubase, no Studio One, No Reaper (which I used sometimes when I forgot my license), and no Standalone VST’s like Kontakt or AmpliTube, so I think it’s legit to think that is Cubase-related. Aniway, I asked for help also to Behringer, si I hve this front covered.

It is cubase related. I mentioned before, I have the same issue for quite sometime now and my system is setup on 48k ONLY across everything and it only happens w/Cubase.

I think this also

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