Cubase always starts at 44100 regardless of Project sample rate

Yes! and in scarlett panel, the Scarlett is set to “standalone preeamp” mode and in 48khz internal clock.

Is it very hard for you to try the UMC as the clock provider? I don’t know if the Scarletts have ADAT in/out and you have two optical cables. I know some of them only have outs.

Would make a little more sense as Cubase is sending the sample rate to your UMC via the ASIO driver, and that in turn would send to the Scarlett so you’d expect things to sync up more reliably that way

At the moment you have sample rate from Cubase to UMC, and also Sample rate master from Scarlett to UMC - kinda opposing directions. Like, if you created a 44k project in Cubase right now, would the Scarlett even respond or would it stay locked to 48khz?

But… That said, i’m no expect in word clocks, and only have mine configured with the audio interface as master so i can run it standalone, I can power on the focusrite when i need the extra pre-amps - even mid-session.

I’m probably barking up the wrong tree completely, but just a suggestion as i have no issues setup in this manner, old 44khz projects that i load swap over just as fine as 48khz ones. :slight_smile:

Really? Your clock source is external?
This could be an important information… sometimes…

You never mentioned the Scarlett being your clock source…

Scarlett off > no valid clock source > Cubase sets the default clock > 44.1kHz


Interesting theory! But I don’t think it’s the cause:

-I NEVER (really, never) have the Scarlett off. It’s always ON, and it connects when i “power up” the energy in the studio (don’t know how it’s called it in english.)

-The UMC Always has the internal clock option ticked by default, so when I want to record my 9-16 channels (the scarlett ones) i go to UMC, set clock to external and Cubase —> clock external

-I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think Cubase also has always the external clock option ticked off by default.

I’ll check @skijumptoes way, but I’ll have to wait, because I only have 1 adat cable haha

Thanks to all, again !

I never have the external clock option enabled within Cubase, so try with that off too. i.e. Disable it.

One presumes that if that’s enabled Cubase is expecting external device to dictate the clock - when in fact, you DO want Cubase to be the one dictating it.

If you then setup your ADAT chain to go Cubase > UMC > Scarlett. I think you’re onto a winner. Logically anyway. Because Cubase will read 48khz, send that to UMC, which sends that to Scarlett.

But hey, we have Behringer and Steinberg in the mix here - the answer could sit with the position of your washing machine, or the Neighbours cooker! :))))

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O yes.
Cubase is a brilliant program, but subject to occasional, irrational errors.
Like a genius.
I have the same problem as you.