cubase - ambisonics for phones - quadrophonics for speakers


With every person sitting on a chair nowadays in a concert situation (in belgium is is) i’m looking for alternative ways to beef up the experience for an audience. I stumbled upon the ambisonics/quadrophonics possibilities and this seems very promising.

I was able to get things running with ambisonics. OUTPUT is trough the control room transmitted towards the phones but it is still stereo for the speakers.
Sadly enough I have 4 speakers, two in front of me and two in my back.
On the speakers end i have no effect of the ambisonics sound since this is stereo.
On my back i have no sound or i have to recreate a second stereo channel trough an external mixer.
but this leaves me without the sphere that is being created in the phones channel.

What i want to do is to recreate the binaural effect that is being transmitted trough the phones channel on my speaker setup.

i noticed that the ambisonics decoder has quite a lot of decode possibilities, but not the quadro setup, for some reason.

I then tried to change the setup towards ambisonics 1, since this has also 4 channels, but this gives very strange results on my quadrophonic speaker setup.
Everything seems to be transmitted trough the right back channel with minimal result on the other channels.

Anyway. What i do want is the ambisonics 3 for the headphones channel, but still the quadro setup for the speakers, with most of the sphere intact. I know that i do not have upper and lower on the quadro side, but i would still have front left, front right, back left, back right.

Is this possible in some way, maybe by using different direct monitoring channels or something like that ?
Andy advice welcome.

many thanks in advance,
kind regards,