Cubase, Amplitube 3 and Stomp io automation


Not sure if this has been covered but I can’t find anything.

I am new to Cubase, I have a set up including UR44, Cubase AI 9, and I have a Stomp I/O midi controller pedal plugged in to control Amplitube 3 which I have set up in Cubase as a plug-in. So now I don’t need two laptops (One controlling Amplitube and Stomp running Windows XP, and another controlling Cubase and Pinnacle Studio multi-cam running Windows 10). woohoo… Anyway, I can use Stomp to change the patches on Amplitube so that when I want heavy, I press the appropriate switch, then clean, press a different switch and so on.

It got me thinking, If I use an audio track in Cubase to play the drum backing track that I use, instead of my iPad (which uses one of the inputs on the UR44), can I set moments/points in that drum backing track to send a command to the MIDI foot controller, or even directly to Amplitube 3 to say “change to patch 000A NOW!!!”. Effectively this would mean that in a song like Metallica One, when I press play, Amplitube knows to use patch 000A clean, then when the moment in the backing track where I need distortion comes, it automatically changes to patch 000B and so forth.

If I had a set up for each song I play, including the drum backing track and presets, I would be able to play the song and change my sound without even touching the foot controller. Geez, I hope I haven’t confused you, I know I am confused. If this could happen then I will literally fall on the floor with excitement.

Any help you experts can offer would be hugely appreciated. Go Steinberg!!!


Additionally, I found out that the function could have something to do with the term ‘Patch Program Change’… I may not even need to use the Stomp IO pedal board at all unless I want to have the ability to manually make changes to Amplitube aswell… So if I add a MP3 backing track to my project, set the moment when I need to make a change to the Amplitube plugin, define what that change is i.e., change to patch 001A Clean Sound, then when I play the song, I can just continue playing the guitar without touching any pedals… Gosh, is this even possible. I found out that it is perfectly possible in Ableton Live…

Again, any help is tremendous.

After some research, I tried adding two different inserts for the Amplitube plugin, one with clean effect and one with distorted effect, then recorded with Write switched on and turned one on and the other off, visa versa and when playing back with Read switched on, the inserts changed automatically at the same point. I haven’t tried to record the guitar live with automatic switching yet, but if it works, its not a bad work around. Next is to figure out how I can use the midi pedal system to change songs, play and record.